Do Cell phone Signal Boosting Apps Really Work?

In middle of a broken cell phone signal at one’s workplace, someone is heard advising – why don’t you try out cell phone signal booster app sand get rid of communication bottle necks? Now, do these so called ‘cell phone boosters apps’ really work? Have heard of something called mobile booster device which might help […]

How to Survive Bad Cell Phone Reception in a Basement Office

Basement office is an upcoming trend that is becoming increasing popular, especially amongst start ups. Easy availability of space in basement and low rentals contribute to the trend. Many professionals who choose to work from home have been seen incorporating basement office as a part of the home design. While many positive elements support this […]

5 Myths About Cell Phone Signal Booster

Struggle with interrupted cellular signals at home, workplaces or on the go is a common phenomenon. However, cell signal booster is not. How many of us have deployed mobile phone booster to knock out this issue? Let me reframe the question. How many of us are aware that something called ‘mobile signal booster’ exist? Like any […]

Learn How to extend your Cell Phone Battery Life

Loaded with apps and trendiest functionalities, our smart phone is our own private universe. Phone calls, data, GPS, Bluetooth, games, MS office suite, news, calendars, camera…. The list of things that we access through our phone is endless. However, this comes at a cost – discharged batteries. A drained battery is the most common problem […]

5 Must-have Tech Tools for a Connected Office

We are living in ‘Gadget Age’ Gadgets, whether simple or complex, are a crucial part of our ecosystem. We have vested them with the responsibility to make our lives convenient and keep us connected. So much so that imagining an office without the so called ‘mandatory’ gadgets has become impossible. The tech tools are largely […]

Impact of Weather on Network Signals

Our life runs on wireless network signals: Mobile phones, Wi-Fi, Data plans; everything has become an essential part of human ecosystem. Increasing efficiency of wireless network systems over the last few decades demonstrates our prowess in technology and innovation. With time, we have excelled in mobile technology and have been successful in defeating almost all […]

Evolution of Generations of Internet: 1G to 5G

Ever wondered what the letter ‘G’ stands for in 3G, 4G or 5G? Well, it stands for ‘generation’ of wireless technology. Technology, in this context, has been fast evolving; one every decade roughly, taking the total number to 4 (1G, 2G, 3G, 4G). 5G is on the cards soon and is expected to be launched […]

Emergence of 5G Communications in India

Catching up with wireless network generations has apparently not been an easy ballgame for India. Being introduced to 2G years after its global launch, 3g after 10 years and 4G after 5 years, Indian Inc. hope to be in time for 5G network which is expected to be launched in the early 2020’s. In our […]

How can a strong Mobile Network increase your Business Productivity and Profitability?

One look at the percentage increase in number of cellular connections year on year is enough to establish their growing importance in our lives. Data from comScore reveals that global smartphone users have been increasing at a phenomenal rate. From 400 million users reported in the year 2007, the figure now stands at 1800 million […]

Base Transceiver Station – An Overview

What is BTS or Base Transceiver Station? Though most of us would not even be aware of the term BTS, over 80% of India’s population is using this technology to stay connected via their wireless network devices. Yes, this includes cell phone communication and Wi-Fi by large and the technology has proven to be revolutionary […]

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