How to solve network coverage issues in India?

Most of us, at different times of a day find ourselves stuck in areas with limited or weak cell phone signal strengths. And, making calls or sharing transferring data in such situations becomes an annoying task. Now, some time, we get success in getting signal strengths on our mobile phones while other times we might just keep wandering here and there in order to get at least a single bar on top of our mobile phones.  The biggest reason why we keep moving here and there in a hassle is that we have no clue as to where we might get the signals strength. But, if we look towards the factors or reason behind network coverage issues in India then here are a few of them –

Factors responsible for network coverage issues in India- 

  • Inadequate coverage- Lack of infrastructure, improper network planning and non-optimization of networks are some of the reasons resulting in the inadequate coverage.
  • Overloaded cell phone towers- With the day by day growing number of subscribers, network providers are not able to ramp up the network capacity to the same pace which is resulting in overloaded cell phone towers. 
  • Technical issues- Downtime and other related issues which are beyond anyone’s control often result in network coverage issues such as slow internet speed and weak cell phone receptions. 
  • Changing cityscapes- New multi-storey buildings being constructed every day and rapidly changing cityscapes are a few factors responsible for this.

Also, Apart from the above stated reasons, mobile network operators also blame spectrum shortage for the allied network coverage issues such as call drops, slow internet speed, etc. Now, despite all the factors and reasons, cell phone signal providers must own the responsibility to solve such issues and provide uninterrupted and seamless transmission of voice and data. Here is a list of few things to consider which can help in getting rid from such issues.

Solutions for network coverage issues in India- 

  • Look for all the obstructions- Try to reduce the interference between your cell phone and cell tower. You can move outside or get near a window or reduce interior clutter to get good signal strengths.
  • Try to locate the nearest cell phone tower- The nearest cell phone tower helps in getting the best cell phone reception. Search in your phone’s setting and try to connect to the nearest cell phone tower.
  • Use your Wi-Fi network- If you have a landline internet connection then connecting your smart phone to it can help you in boosting the reception. 
  • Try other network operator- Do a right research and switch to a different network which offers better connectivity in your area. This might also help you get huge discounts on your bills. 
  • Signal Boosters- Indoor coverage is always a problem faced by everyone in India. Just like foreign countries, we can use mobile signal boosters here in India too. Cell phone signal boosters catch weak cell phone signals and amplify it up to 32X. These are small devices which are compatible with almost every smart phone and work with all mobile signal carriers. Depending upon your requirement you can pick 2G, 3G or 4G mobile network boosters. You can install them in your home, office or any outdoor location where you receive weak cell phone signals.

Mobile-Signal-BoosterOn a closing note, unless you are ok with the slow internet speed, dropped calls and other network related issues its worth trying the above stated solutions. If you are looking for assistance in choosing a suitable mobile signal booster for your specific needs then visit us today. We at AVA Systems have an exclusive range of mobile network boosters to cater to your every single need. We have government approved and branded Seguro signal boosters for your home and office which will provide you uninterrupted calling experience and seamless transmission of voice and data. Call us to have a free demo today!

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