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2G 3G Mobile Phone Signal Booster For All Networks In India

Are you tired of call drops half the time during your conversations? Are your friends and family always complaining about your phone being not reachable? Do you desperately wish to increase the number of network bars on your cell phone? If answer to all these questions is yes then a one stop solution for all […]

How to decide which network is best-wired or wireless?

Are you looking for an internet connection in your home or office? Then surely you would have faced the dilemma of choosing a wired network or wireless network. Don’t worry! You are not alone. Everyone faces this dilemma while considering getting an internet connection. Both the networks have their pros and cons and it is […]

Do mobile phones really have a harmful effect on our health?

Are mobile phones really harmful? Do they have a harmful effect on our body? These are few of the questions which we have been asking and have been asked since their invention. And till today researches are being conducted to specify whether they really affect our health or not? As we all know mobile phones […]

Benefits of Using Mobile Signal Boosters and Repeaters

Every day we experience weak or no signal strength at some or the other time on our cell phones. And, if you travel a lot then you must have experienced it innumerous times. Mobile phone coverage can be spotty even in the city and it becomes really very hard to maintain a proper communication. However, […]

Learn How to extend your Cell Phone Battery Life

Loaded with apps and trendiest functionalities, our smart phone is our own private universe. Phone calls, data, GPS, Bluetooth, games, MS office suite, news, calendars, camera…. The list of things that we access through our phone is endless. However, this comes at a cost – discharged batteries. A drained battery is the most common problem […]

Are Mobile Phones a reason to worry when it comes to Human Health?

As per figures revealed by TRAI in April, 2016, over 81.35 percent Indian are currently using cell phones. The figures are much higher in other countries like Unites States, Brazil, Russia, United Kingdom and Philippines. The future estimates are mind boggling as the world perceives more than 8 billion mobile phone users over next few […]

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