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Cell Phone Bars: What Do They Indicate?

We all have seen those bars or dots on the top corner of our smart phone screens. In general it gives a fair idea of the strength of the signal received by the cell phone at that particular moment. Four bars or dots on the screen indicates stronger signal as compared to three bars or dots. It will be interesting to note here that these bars or dots are not giving any absolute value of signal strength but a relative value of signal strength in a particular place. As we move from weak Mobile Phone Network Signal pockets to strong signal pockets or vice versa, the bars or dots will increase or decrease accordingly.

A common man can get an idea about the signal strength by looking at the bar. If your home or office happens to be in weak signal pocket then Portable 2g 3g Mobile Phone Network Signal Booster can prove to be a very useful device for you. There are many companies such as AVA Systems producing some of the most efficient and affordable Cell Phone Signal Boosting Devices In Delhi to get flawless and uninterrupted service at any time and any place.

Is Signal Strength Indication of These Bars Reliable?

We have already discussed that for a common man the only source of judging the mobile phone signal strength is through these bars. But the question is that is it a reliable source for judging the signal strength. And the answer is no. It is not a reliable source. If it would have been a reliable source then why at times it takes ages to load a screen or send a message even when there are four bars or dots on the screen?

This is because each company uses a different algorithm to display the signal strength. At times network with three bars on a phone will prove to be faster than network with four bars on a phone. There is no fixed standard of network strength represented by these bars. It is even seen that different phones of the same company also display different network strength in the same location. It all depends on the algorithm used in them.

Best way to judge the signal strength is to measure it in Decibels which is a standard unit to measure it. Signal strength that have a negative Decibel value and value closer to zero is considered as strong signal strength. If signal strength is beyond -80 or above then it is weak signal. portable 2g 3g Mobile Phone Network Signal Booster can save you from no service or very slow service in such areas.

Develop the habit of measuring signal strength in decibels and avoid being misguided with relative signal strength showed by bars on the cell phone.

Portable 2g 3g Mobile Phone Signal Booster can prove to be your savior especially when you are traveling to remote areas where signal strength is somewhere between -80 to -100 decibels.

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