India Progressing With Mobile Signal Boosters!

How annoying would it be, talking to your pals and calls getting dropped every two minutes!

Okay, so we personally do not think that your life has any less frustrating moments for the disconnected calls and poor reception to add on to your already too-full platter. Signals are weakened due to various factors. The factors are usually disturbance in the call, carrier wave or how far the signal tower is from you, maybe even how isolated you are from commoners. These are just a few common factors; there can be a hundred more complicated ones for a layman to understand.

Let us first be aware of the whole concept.

Mobile signal boosters; as the name itself represents, this particular thing betters the signal quality of your mobile network, in very simple language, that is.

They mainly comprise antenna, which is also called donor antenna by a few and it is either in-built or comes separately to be installed. When you install an antenna for the same, you can either place it on the roof-top or outside/ inside at your window. For better results, it is usually said to mount it on roof-top.

There are two types mainly, indoors and the ones which help outdoors. Indoor ones are usually used in houses, whereas outdoor ones are used in offices, buildings etc. There are boosters which can be mounted on your vehicle as well, so as to clear the reception and enhance the quality of signals that your phone receives while you are on the move. The best signal booster one has heard of frequently is Seguro mobile signal boosters which are available on amazon. If you are not a big fan of online shopping, then you may as well like to visit a dealer to cure your purpose.

Mobile network signal enhancing equipment is one boon that humanity has recently acquired. Talking about the initial phase of them, they were mainly launched in continents other than India and grew a lot in Australia and other countries. It’s only been a while since India has started adopting the idea and framework of the concept. They are basically the equipment you need to multiply your signals and eliminate the issues of poor reception.


You can use the same signal booster for your 2G and 3G connections. But if you have a connection other than this, like 4G LTE, then you may have to change your carrier and your signal booster as the 2G and 3G signal booster won’t work for the 4G one.

By bettering your cell range, you clearly increase the chances of getting calls in areas where earlier the signal used to be weak.

Along with normal boosters, you also have an option of picking a multi-band one!

Address and coverage area are two major components to be kept in mind while looking for signal boosting equipment. Traditional boosters include are Analog and the modern ones are known as smart signal boosters. Both are equally efficient and easily available in the market.

Cell phone boosters are not much of a hassle to start with. And after conducting a lot of studies and researches on the same, one can say with complete assurance that boosters in India do increase your network strength from two to three bands!cell-phone-network-boosterIt is very much evident and clear that no one can live without their cell phones. So, if you do own a smart phone, why not take smart decisions for it and choose a good and efficient one, so that your smartphone doesn’t look like a dabba anymore!

Increase the quality of your incoming as well as outgoing calls by taking one simple baby step and that step is grasping the very concept of boosters and implementing it at your home/ offices/ outdoors.

Avoid piling up your network troubles and give a thought about signal enhancing boosters in India, after all, they might prove to be a great help to you!

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