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What Disrupts Cell Phone Network Signals In Elevators?

We have often seen or experienced that an ongoing call suddenly drops as soon as you enter into an elevator. We have often seen people saying ‘I am entering elevator, will call you later’ or ‘the call got disconnected as I entered in the elevator’. Why it is so that we get quite strong network in perimeters of the building or inside the office or home but the same network becomes weak as soon as we enter the elevator.

It can easily be understood if we understand how the cell phone signals work!

Our cell phone receives signal from the nearest cell phone tower available to them. Near the distance with the tower, stronger will be the signal strength received by the cell phone. Now it is important to understand that though these cell phone signal waves can pass through most of the material still they are often blocked or disrupted by thick solids such as rock or metals like iron and steel. May be this is the reason that cell phone signal is disrupted as we go high on a mountain and we require cell phone network signal booster to stay connected on high altitude.

Cell phone signal in elevators!

As discussed above apart from rocks, it is very difficult for the cell phone signal to pass thick metal sheets. As we all know elevators are made by complex conglomeration of multiple metal sheets and electric wirings. It becomes very difficult for the cell phone signal to surpass this complex conglomeration and still remain strong enough to provide network strength to the cell phone.

Apart from that it is important to note that elevators are usually situated in the center of a building. They are surrounded by a thick concrete tunnel like structure which again block the cell phone signal or disrupts them. Apart from the metal sheet and concrete tunnel where the elevator moves up and down, walls of the building is one more hurdle between the cell phone signal tower and the cell phone. A signal coming from the nearest tower has to cross multiple concrete and metal walls to enter the elevator and after that they do not remain strong enough to avoid call dropping or continue with uninterrupted call.

Cell phone network signal booster claims to catch the slightest trace of signal available in the elevator and amplify it by many folds in order to provide signal strong enough to make a call or send message. Usually people prefer using portable cell phone signal booster in places like elevators and mountains in order to avoid losing connection in any situation.

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